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I was really sorry to hear about Judy. I had met Judy her sister Laurie and brother Mike in California 1977-78. Such a wonderful person and family. I seen her obituary while searching for her brother Mike. Iíll say a prayer for her and family.

Added: August 14, 2022
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A year ago this day and time
You slipped this world
and were no longer mine

I feel sadness and regret
that you're not here
in this world you left

God's Salvation you employed
Your place is best
And full of joy

The world can't get you anymore
and make you mad
and hurt you sore

Here the sadness is my healing
And I must go through it
And have this feeling

Thank you for the times we had
No matter what
Good, fun and bad

I don't regret what we have done
It was all just us
Two souls as one

Now I am so incomplete
without you here
It's not a treat

Many tears this year I cried
but with God's help
I will abide

Added: November 9, 2011
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